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My Mother, Marie Leone Profeta,
and me at 6 months old.

Mario Profeta, my father, at 12.

Paul Profeta & Angelina LaMantia Profeta, my grandparents.

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Profeta

John & Lorraine Kelly, my children.

John T. Kelly, College Graduation.

Lorraine Kelly, Graduation from FAU with a
Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Family Portrait (Below) taken March 2, 1997

Starting at left, clockwise, Lorraine Kelly, Richard Profeta, Martin Solomon, Esq., Lorraine Profeta, John Kelly, Anthony Rosati, Christine Profeta Lee, Florence Leone Marco, Mario Profeta, Rosemarie Profeta Rosati, Christopher Rosati

Mr. & Mrs. Lou Marco
Anthony and Nicole Rosati - Married on May 22, 1998
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Born at Bay Ridge Hospital on Ovington Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Photography has been my passion since the age of 8. Music sets me in motion;
for the past 18 years, ballroom dancing has kept me healthy.

Personality Style / Myers and Briggs plus Keirsey and Bates tests

Explanations of each preference can be found on the following web pages:
The Four Temperaments
The Sixteen Types
The Sixteen Roles
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Test is found on this page
The Character Sorter Test is found on this page
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My son John Kelly
Straightline Sports Shop
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David's Programming Site
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Great Dancers Page
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